About Stef

when we align with our inner spark we beCome fully alive and Empowered to accomplish our dreams

 I’m a master level Certified Coach

I’m trained in a cutting-edge style of coaching called Strategic Intervention, which incorporates the latest research in psychology, behavior change, neuroscience and whole systems theory to help you accomplish your goals. This approach offers unique and tailored strategies to help you meet your specific goals and maximize your success.

I’ve also earned a coaching certification from the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, the official coach training school of Anthony Robbins, the world’s most successful life coach.

I use practical solutions and spiritual wisdom to help my clients achieve their full potential and greatest dreams.

Twenty years ago, I started my adult life buried under piles of debt. I had big dreams, but I was blocked by internal and external walls that felt impassable. But I learned how to overcome those walls and I achieved my dreams- personally, financially and professionally - and I did it using a combination of practical solutions and spiritual wisdom.

Now I love to help my clients achieve their own dreams using the lessons learned and skills I've gained from my own life journey, and from coaching strategies that empower change quickly.

Practical Solutions

I have over 20 years of experience taking big ideas and making them happen as a highly-successful professional working for businesses, governments and non-profits. 

  • Leader, group facilitator and coalition builder
  • Award winning project manager, planner and educator
  • Expertise in the science of behavior change
  • Expertise in career coaching

spiritual Wisdom

By adding a spiritual dimension to my coaching, I can help you find inner resources you’ve never accessed before, and I can help you make changes faster and more effectively.  

I have learned from a variety of teachers and mentors from various traditions over the years.  As your coach, I can weave these wisdom teachings in our work together in subtle and gentle ways, resulting in a unique approach that empowers your success.

  • Spiritual healer and herbalist
  • Ceremonialist
  • Ordained minister
  • Mythic storyteller

Come learn how we can achieve your greatest dreams together.  

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Thank you for your support and above all for your wisdom. I found your interventions timed well and accurate."

—Mirela G

Stef is perceptive, compassionate, resourceful, and inspiring.  I am confident he can help you achieve your goals and get closer to your inspired life. He certainly helped me.”

—Lee Busch Owner, Lee Busch Design

I appreciate the depth of your listening and your genuinely accepting presence. Your gentleness has helped me to drop my own tendency to criticize myself too harshly and to be able to recognize many more choices and options available to me.”

—Erica Jones Owner, Real Imaginal


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