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How Coaching Can Help You.
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How Coaching Can Help You

I love telling stories, so I’ve included a few here to help you understand how coaching can help you literally transform your life and your relationships.  My clients’ and their partners’ names have been changed to protect their privacy.  Enjoy!


Ben was going to give his marriage one last shot. In less than 60 days, he turned his marriage around and experienced the love and passion he longed for.

Ben and Dianne had been married for over ten years, and much of the connection in their marriage had waned.  They both felt like their relationship was running into a dead end, and they found themselves almost constantly bickering over small issues.  Neither were sure if they were in love anymore, and both were feeling drawn to be intimate with someone outside the marriage.  They both wondered secretly to their closest friends if they should end the marriage.

 Ben asked for my help.  After listening to him describe the situation, I suggested that much of their problem seemed to be an inability to understand each other’s needs, and an inability to communicate those needs in a way that the other person understood and respected. I suggested that this is what led to their feeling of disconnection.  Ben nodded in agreement. 

Ben leaned forward and looked into my eyes. He said, “I want to give this one last shot.  I don’t want to end our marriage if there’s still a chance to save it.  Tell me what I can do.” And so I coached him on how he could show up to the relationship in a different way.  I taught him how he could understand what Dianne was really asking for during their fights, and I offered actions he could take to increase their sense of trust, connection and passion for each other.  I asked him to try these actions for 90 days to see if he could rekindle the spark in their relationship.  Ben agreed.  He left the session hopeful and inspired, but deep down he was uncertain it would work.

Two weeks later at our next session, Ben told me that their sense of connection was growing, and that they even made love for the first time in months.  He continued to see me for coaching to receive support and guidance, and after 3 months, their relationship had completely transformed.  Their sense of love, understanding and connection for each other was stronger than it had been in years. 


Mark struggled with getting his foot in the door with his dream career.  In just three months, he landed his dream job and made more money than he originally though was possible.

Years ago, I received CEO-level training on resume development and job interview skills. I’ve also served on dozens of interview panels to select job applicants, from entry-level to federal agency directors. These skills and experiences have served me very well in my career, and it’s been a passion of mine to help others succeed as I have.  I’ve trained over 100 people on how to achieve their dream job, and most people who have followed my coaching advice have succeeded.  Here’s a recent story.

Mark, 24, graduated college two years before, and he was hoping to get his foot in the door with his dream career.  He had sufficient experience to be competitive for the jobs he was applying for, but he was struggling to get an interview.  He knew most jobs he was applying for had over 100 other applicants, and he was beginning to get frustrated and disheartened.  Mark asked for my help when he found a posting of his “dream job.” 

I worked with Mark over several sessions to help him deepen his understanding of his passion, experience and talents, and I coached him on how to convey these to others.  I then helped him revise his resume and application materials to ensure he had the best chance possible to be selected for an interview.  We also worked on his interviewing skills, and how he could give unique, inspiring and complete answers to virtually all interview questions.  Last, we worked on negotiation skills to help him earn the compensation he needed.  Mark submitted his resume for his “dream job” and crossed his fingers.

One month later, Mark called me excitedly and said, “I got the job!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”  He told me 130 other people applied for the position, and he was their first choice. Even better, he negotiated to get more pay than he originally thought was possible.


Shelly felt dead in her job, and she was on the fence about leaving.  After just one session, she clarified her needs and confidently chose her next step.

Shelly felt miserable in her job, but she wasn’t sure if she should quit.  Her job paid a good wage, but she didn’t like her boss, and it wasn’t helping her pursue her passion.  She felt like she was stuck in a hamster wheel, and she wanted help deciding what to do.

At the end of our first session together, I invited Shelly to take an action each day that would help her find the right answer herself.  She agreed. 

Two weeks later Shelly wrote me an email, “Thank you so much for your help!  I know what to do now, and I really know that I am making the right choice.  It feels so good to be certain and not on the fence anymore!”


Kelly was nervous about her upcoming vacation with her husband.  For years, every trip resulted in a horrible fight.  After just one session, Kelly had the best vacation with her husband in years, and a deeper healing began to take place.

Kelly, a woman in her 50s, was about to go on a vacation with her partner, Tom, in two days, and she was experiencing overwhelming fear.  Kelly and Tom would have a significant fight every time they’d go on vacation together, and she was scared this trip would end the same way.  The fighting usually started because Tom would get upset and express anger toward her for seemingly-small things that normally wouldn’t anger him.  Kelly knew the anger was related to unhealed trauma from Tom’s past, and even though she would do everything she could to keep them both happy, the change in scene would trigger his anger anyway. 

Kelly wanted to find her own inner strength so she could stay grounded, and to understand how best to support Tom should his anger arise during the trip.  She wanted to respond to her husband in loving, compassionate way, but she was fearful she would continue to struggle with keeping her cool.

I guided Kelly through an interactive visualization exercise that empowered her to find her own unique solution for connecting with her inner-strength, compassion and open-heartednesses whenever the need arose during the trip.  By the end of the exercise, she was practically radiating heartfelt connection.  “Wow!” she said.  “My whole perspective has shifted, and I feel so much more relaxed.  I have a deep sense of my heart opening, and I now trust that I can stay centered when he gets angry.  And best of all, I know I’ll be okay.  Thank you!  This was amazing!”

Two days later, Kelly left on her week-long vacation.  After several weeks she reached out, “My husband was grumpy at times being in the 'camping mode,' but there were no major triggers expressed this trip.  Since our trip, he has really made an internal shift away from defensive reactions from his past.  We do some somatic couples work, and last night he even began to look at his horrid experience from his past.” 

Not only did Kelly have the best vacation in years, but her presence for Tom helped him begin to heal the trauma from his past.  As a coach, I’ve seen that when a couple breaks a negative pattern in one area of their life, it can often result in a positive shift throughout their whole relationship.    

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